Complete Specialty Solutions (CSS) is optimizing the traditional traveling dental specialist model and is focused on empowering specialists to enhance clinical collaboration with general dentists. With our actively growing general dentist network, we provide a complete solution for specialists to maximize their earning potential.

CSS has dedicated Operation Managers that work directly with the general and pediatric dentist office to support our orthodontists. CSS streamlines the imaging, treatment plan, insurance verification and medical history communication so our specialists can focus on providing high quality care to patients.


  • Board Eligible or Certified with American Board.
  • License (Pending or Active) issued by the State Board of Dental Examiners.

CSS Periodontist receive:

* High income opportunity (Greater of $1200+ daily rate or percent of collections).

* Flexible scheduling options

* Complete administrative and staffing support

* 100% Clinical autonomy

* Support from our Clinical Directors

* CSS team member delivers all equipment and supplies to the general office.

Here’s how it works:

  • Our dedicated operations manager works with independent GP offices to assess needs, coordinate appointments, and ensure that your time is well spent.
  • CSS takes care of all of the tedious administrative details that keep you from doing what you do best.
  • We provide all of the supplies and equipment that you need to focus on quality patient care
  • We provide registered dental assistants who work in your specialty
  • You, quite simply, show up and care for patients.